Rotating Crusher

      Doosan Rotating Crushers are designed for bothDoosan Rotating Crushers are designed for bothprimary demolition work and secondary concretereduction. Especially for secondary demolition, itis ideal for breaking out concrete from fixedstructure, pulverizing concrete, separatingdifferent materials for recycling, cutting reinforcedrods and small steel profile, and working withhigh reach boom.


Feature & Benefits

4 different models
  - 13~36 tons Models are available.

Trunnion-supported type cylinder
  - Offers high breaking forces throughout the entireOffers high breaking forces throughout the entireworking cycle as well as stable movement.

Hydraulic 360° rotation unit
  - Limitless rotation for fast and targetedLimitless rotation for fast and targetedpositioning in all conditions.

Adjustable Speed control valve with cylinder
  - Maximum maintenance efficiency and workingMaximum maintenance efficiency and workingspeed.

Customized Blades and Tooth System
  - Optimized tooth arrangement.
  - Fully replaceable rectangular blades andFully replaceable rectangular blades andbolting tooth.

Wider opening jaw
  - Easily operates for a large demolition job.

High grade material composition for betterHigh grade material composition for betterdurability
  - Used HB360-600 grade material on replaceableUsed HB360-600 grade material on replaceableparts.