The LOADRITE™ weighing system measures the weight of loads lifted by wheel loaders, forklift trucks and similar machines that use hydraulic rams to lift the load. The main parts of the LOADRITE™ Weighing System are:

        - the Indicator installed in the cab of the loader 
        - the connected sensors installed on the lifting arms.

As a load is lifted, the trigger and hydraulic pressure transducers send information to the LOADRITE™ Indicator. This information is converted into a digital weight reading that is displayed on the LOADRITE™ Indicator.

The LOADRITE™ Weighing System can add each lifted load to running totals so that Trucks are loaded accurately and daily productivity levels can be tracked. 

The LOADRITE™ Indicator is the main user interface with the LOADRITE™ Weighing System. It has an internal memory that stores settings and production data even when it is turned off.