Hydraulic Breaker

      Doosan hydraulic breakers offer powerful performance and top productivity with piece of mind. Engineering approved and tested, they offer you reliable and productive solution whether you are demolishing concrete or breaking rock. Doosan hydraulic breakers are designed to give you top productivity by making each blow count.


Feature & Benefits

Concrete proven working Principle (Oil and gas assist)
  - Pressurized Nitrogen gas is the main power source, to operate with lessPressurized Nitrogen gas is the main power source, to operate with lessdemand on the carrier’s hydraulic system.

Anti-blank blow system
  - Significantly reduces blank blow induced failures.

Dual Speed Control
  - Adjust blow frequency according to rock hardness.

Competitive component counts
  - One-third the component counts of competitors.
  - Easy installation and maintenance.
  - Help inventory management.

Heavy duty main bracket design
  - Bear external force with better resilience.
  - Long lasting body structure reduced sound.

Maximized life time of dampers and wear plates
  - Use new type of composite 2 layered damper and wear plate.

Centralized Lubricating System (option)
  - Enable to utilize centralized auto grease system.