Vibro Ripper                                                                                                                       

Vibro Ripper

ㆍFor excavators range from 12 to 65ton

ㆍThe original, innovative and reliable vibro ripper

ㆍ Higher productivity & efficiency than any other attachments

ㆍ1700-2500rpm high frequency vibration

ㆍEco-friendly and noiseless equipment (80dB)

ㆍ Protected under patent number EP 220118*** / US 827668***

ㆍOptimized structure for more powerful performance

ㆍMaximized durability with Hardox wear-resistant steel

ㆍInnovative design and improved durability of tooth & pin

ㆍ Easy installation with one way hydraulic breaker line from excavator

ㆍ Protect excavators from vibration and shocks by the patented elastomer

ㆍ Applications : mining, tunneling, trenching, foundation work, permafrost,
road construction, noise restriction area, downtown construction site

ㆍ Workable in extreme weather condition (-40℃ to 60℃) and underwater

ㆍ Excellent performance on veined, cracked and soft rock

Katalog Maxbrio Vibroripper v1