The Ammann ARX 45-2 C Light Tandem Roller makes it easier to see – and work – near
obstructions. It also offers a drum in front and tyres in back to provide both compaction
power and the sealing effect of pneumatic rollers. The roller features a new articulating
joint that enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to offset configurations, helpful
when working close to obstructions. Operators need watch only one drum, knowing
the second will be a safe distance from the obstacle. The in-line drum setting is available
when it’s time for productivity in open spaces.



• Electronic drive lever for smooth starts and
stops, especially important on asphalt jobs
• An adjustable steering joint, which enables
quick changes between in-line and offset drums
• Sprinkling system 2-stage filtration system
with large water tanks for extended intervals
between fillings
• ACEforce, the Intelligent Compaction tool
for optimal efficiency




• Spacious operator platform with
sliding seat
• Simple and reliable dashboard with
intuitive machine control, helping
inexperienced operators succeed
• Optimal all-around machine
visibility for safety on the jobsite




• Easy and fast daily maintenance
• Accessible service and
maintenance points
• Maintenance-free parts