Swing Mechanism   

     • An axial piston motor with two-stage planetary reduction gear is used for the swing.

     • Increased swing torque reduces swing time.

     • Internal induction-hardened gear.

     • Internal gear and pinion immersed in lubricant bath.

     • The swing brake for parking is activated by spring and released hydraulically


            Each track is driven by an independent axial piston motor through a planetary reduction gearbox. Two levers with control pedals guarantee smooth travel with counter rotation on demand.

Hydraulic System

           The heart of the system is the EPOSTM (Electronic Power Optimizing System). It allows the efficiency of the system to be optimized for all working conditions and minimizes fuel consumption.   

       • The hydraulic system enables independent or combined operations.

       • Two travel speeds offer either increased torque or high speed tracking.

       • Cross-sensing pump system for fuel savings.

       • Auto deceleration system.

       • Two operating modes, two power modes.

       • Button control of flow in auxiliary equipment circuits.

       • Computer-aided pump power control.

Hydraulic Cylinders

           The piston rods and cylinder bodies are made of high-strength steel. A shock absorbing mechanism is fitted in all cylinders to ensure shock-free operation and extend piston life



Operating Weight ton 23.2
Bucket Capacity (SAE) m3 0.5
Engine Rated Power (Net Power) kW(HP) / rpm 175HP @2,000
Engine Max. Toque kg.m / rpm 61.5 / 1,400
Digging Force (ISO) Bucket (Nor. / Press. Up) ton 14.3 / 15.2
Digging Force (ISO) Arm (Nor. / Press. Up) ton 10.2 / 10.8
Max. Digging Reach mm 15,279
Max. Digging Depth mm 11,661
Max. Digging Height mm 13,022
Overall Length mm 12,317
Overall Width mm 2,990
Overall Height mm 2,975


 DX225LCA_SLR Brochure