Doosan Multi-Processors are designed for allDoosan Multi-Processors are designed for alldemolition sites by inter-changing jaw setsmounted on a single base unit.
         - Crushing Jaw set     - Demolition Jaw set
         - Pulverizing Jaw set  - Shear Jaw set


Feature & Benefits

2 different models
  - 20~36 tons Models are available.

Unlimited 360° Hydraulic rotation
  - Limitless rotation for fast and targeted positioning in all conditions.

Integrated Speed up valve with cylinder
  - Maximum maintenance efficiency and working speed.

Customized Blades and Tooth System
  - Fully replaceable rectangular blades and bolting tooth.
  - User friendly blade clearance.

One pin type jaw mechanism
  - Enhanced Crushing and shearing force.

High grade material composition for better durability
  - Used HB360-600 grade material on replaceable parts.

Various jaw options
  - Suitable for all kinds of job application at maximum versatility.