World Tractor Co., Ltd., established in 1984, specializes in the Heavy Equipment Spare Parts business. Over time, the company has proven its resilience, strength and flourished. Since 1996 when it became World Tractor (1996) Co.,Ltd., there has been an upsurge in business volume generated by greater growth and demand. Success was sustained through developing and refining core competencies while key policies resulted in consistent standards and performance.

WT96 continues its onward mission, building trust and providing value to its customers. Helmed by an enterprising entrepreneur with a supportive team of experienced and dedicated personnel, the company continues to chalk up impressive growth. In perspective, the company has the managerial expertise, financial resources, quality products and services, and a dedicated workforce to build on its competitive position. Neither is the company complacent about success because market leadership comes with no guarantees. It has put in place strategies to create new business opportunities, integrate new ideas and build on its strengths for the future.

Our Vision

To be the foremost name in the industry and a leading corporate entity with exemplary values. Towards this end, to create opportunities for advancement and to be known for our valued services, standard of excellence and professionalism.

This is also in order to be the market leader in heavy equipment spare parts , “Doosan” heavy equipment business and The best one full stop repairing shop in Thailand.

Our Mission

Creating the perfect environment in which to grow, strengthen, consolidate and enhance our position by building bonds within the industry. To serve with professional integrity and honor. To achieve our aims through a dedicated approach and a commitment to service excellent.

  • Spare part 
    - Cost leadership
    - To provide the OEM quality spare part through the nationwide distribution channel
  • Machine 
    - Good assist machine condition
    - Loyalty to customer
    - Cost leadership
  • Service 
    - Provide best quality on OEM Specification
    - Best customer service
    - Best repairing lead-time
    - Cost leadership
    - The nationwide sales force & distribution channel

Our Objective

With leaders of ability and foresight at the helm, aided by a dedicated team, WT96 is today a major player engaged with some of the biggest names in the heavy equipment spare parts industry. Our constant drive towards excellence, the acquisition of knowledge, self-improvement and the quality of service, will have an impact on the company's image and operations.

Together with growing list of supportive clientele, WT96 has all the necessary characteristics to succeed as a corporate entity.

Values and Commitments

A responsible corporate entity, WT96 is all about valued qualities. The company's pro active customer policy ensures superior products and services are tailored to suit a wide range of customer needs, while marketing and service teams are encouraged and trained to take the initiative at all times. We also value our business partners for their contribution in the success of the company.

Quality as driving force in our operations means a more focused approach in all that we do. In this respect, WT96 has successfully created a pool of talented and disciplined staff that adds value to their tasks.

Worldwide Associates

Over 30 years WT96 has built up an incredible track record and is associated with some of the most reputable names in the heavy equipment spare parts industry. The company stocks replacement parts of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kobelco and Doosan etc. The rapport with these brand names based on mutual trust and respect, and strengthened further over time.

Furthermore, to stay competitive and relevant in the vast open market, WT96 is pro-active on new technology and product lines that would fit into their overall long-term business plan.

Our Future

There are no limits to the applications and benefits of technology as new concepts and ideas will become realities in the future. The company is therefore confident and remains steadfast and positive about the future.

Though,he world is gradually 'shrinking' as globalization makes its will be greater competition, WT96 has the structure to future growth successfully.

Our Determination

Inspired and encouraged by the successes of the past, We are looking beyond today's frontiers and confident that we have the resources, technical expertise and progressive mindset to meet out future challenges.