Your new daily work partner DX140LCA

- Newly improved and developed with Doosan's renowned mechanical engine for your everyday operation.

Doosan engine(DB5BTIS) for powerful performance

- DX140LCA runs on Doosan DB58TIS engine, one of the most widely-used engines in Doosan. DB58TIS engine has already gained recognition in the market for reliability, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance with quality that has been validated.

Centralized parts for easy access

- The DX140LCA is designed to improved productivity by minimizing on-site maintenance.
- The radiators and filters are well arranged on one side for easy maintenance.
- The Upper and side doors enable easier access to the main parts for convenient maintenance



Operating Weight ton 14.0
Bucket Capacity (SAE) m3 0.51
Engine Rated Power PS/rpm 100.61/1,850
Engine Max. Toque kg.m/rp 42/1,400
Digging Force (SAE) Bucket (Nor. / Press. Up) ton 9.4/9.9
Digging Force (ISO) Bucket 
(Nor. / Press. Up)
ton 10.2/10.9
Digging Force (SAE) Arm 
(Nor. / Press. Up)
ton 5.5/5.8
Digging Force (ISO) Arm 
(Nor. / Press. Up)
ton 5.6/5.9
Max. Digging Reach mm 8680.0
Max. Digging Depth mm 6150.0
Max. Digging Height mm 8800.0
Overall Length mm 7645
Overall Width mm 2690
Overall Height mm 3095