GP Bucket

GP Bucket

Doosan offers a selection of buckets, especially designed for your wheeled loader. They are engineering tested and approved to best match your machine. Choose from buckets with straight cutter and teeth or with bolt-on cutting-edge.

Spill Guard Ribs

Spill Guard Ribs

  • - Prevent bucket upper part damage caused by loaded material, leading backward falling object to sideway to protect link & Lever
  • - Enforced structure withour losing visibility
  • - Hole prevent soil from solidifying on the bucket
Side wear plate

Side wear plate

  • - High intensity Carbon Steel on lower part
Wear plate to easy damaged area

Wear plate to easy damaged area

  • - High intensity Carbon steel on lower part
Bottom wear plate

Bottom wear plate

  • - Optimal structure to protect bucket body
  • - Reinforced carbon steel plate applied to bottom

Bucket type / Feature

  • General Purpose (Tooth type)
    General Purpose (Tooth type)
    - General Excavating & Loading
    - Natural ground, Construction materials
  • General Purpose (Tooth type + Blade)
    General Purpose (Tooth type + Blade)
    - General Excavating & Dragging Material on the ground
    - Crushed Rock, Natural Ground
    - Advantage : Blade prevent the damage to bucket body which increase the bucket life time and save operating cost
  • General Purpose (Blade type)
    General Purpose (Blade type)
    - Loading & Stockpiling
    - Low gravity materials like Livestock Feed, Fertilizer, Snow, Sawdust


DL 200, DL 250, DL 300, DL 350, DL 420, DL 450, DL 500
ClassificationUnitDL 200DL 250DL 300DL 350DL 420DL 450DL 500
Bucket Capacity * m3 1,8 ~ 2 2,4 - 2,8 3 - 3,5 3,5 - 3,7 3,9 - 4,0 4,5 - 4,8 4,5 - 4,8

* Bucket Capacity (By SAE*)

  • - STRUCK CAPACITY is that volume contained in a bucket after a load is leveled by drawing a straight edge resting on the cutting edge and the back of the bucket.
  • - HEAPED CAPACITY is a truck capacity plus that additional material that would heap on the struck load at a 2:1 angle of repose with the struck line parallel to the ground.
Bucket capacity explanation1Bucket capacity explanation2